Durbanville Surrounds: Sonstraal* 

Amanda Glen, Valmary Park*, Eversdal 

Sitters Name: Estelle van Wilgen

Certified in 2013

 Licensee since Sept 2013

  • Has her own cats and dogs
  • Lives in the community
  • Available for Sleep-overs
  • Confident and caring
  • Covers a wide range  of pets 
  • Level 6 pet care experience.

 Certified Pet Sitter 

(level 6)

Successfully qualified in the following:

  • Pet care for cats & dogs
  • FIRST AID for cats and dogs
  • Animal diseases
  • Contract and negotiations
  • Canine & Feline behaviour
  • Daily pet care
  • Exam level A
  • Sleep-over specialist
  • Extensive field experience
  • Disaster management module


I don't have any negative comments regarding Estelle, she did everything by the book and took care of our dogs almost better than we would! Elisabeth Lotz - Oct 2015

It is difficult to describe in words the excellent person, service delivery and attitude that I experienced. UIT DIE BOONSTE RAKKE (top notch). Please keep this up. Your concept is brilliant and if Estelle represents your typical Pet Sitter, you can only be successful. Due to your high standard of presentation and execution, I have unfortunately nothing of value to add - Arno van Wyk - Sonstraal - Dec 2013

I really appreciated the pictures you sent at the end of the holiday. I know it is not part of the deal but it meant a lot!!! Thanks for taking care of our 'babies' - Huibré van der Merwe - Durbanville - Dec 2013

I am a retired cat breeder and I have 9 thorough bred Maine Coons and two Moggies that needed constant attention. Estelle proved to be one of the most competent people that I have come accross and her manner of handling animals is comendable. In addition, she still saw to our giant Guarami, checked the pool, checked all security features around the house and gave us all feedback twice a day. I would not hesitate to use her services in the future - Mrs. Charline Brennan - Dec 2013

Thanks for putting me in touch with Estelle. I have a "special" dog - Sheila is a 7 year old rescue and I'd only had her for 3 weeks when I needed to go to Jhb on business and I couldn't put her in a kennel. From the first meeting with Estelle, she was great with Sheila and I could see she would look after Sheila and I could travel knowing everything would be fine. While I don't like travelling, unfortunately I do need to go away on business for a day or two every month, and it's such a relief to have found Estelle. I have already recommended your service to 2 friends. This is a great concept and you have a fantastic representative in Estelle - Regards - Gaydrey

Estelle is always a pleasure to deal with and very professional - Charles Scott - Dec 2014

Happy with her service - Idette Koegelenberg - Jan 2015