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2015 - 2020 in South Africa

BUSINESS opportunities for new and existing pet sitter operators

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If you are responsible, trustworthy, enjoy working with pets and caring for homes? then join our rapidly expanding network of Licensee owners in Cape Town

With a small monthly license fee you can manage your own area and become the pet sitter specialist in your neighborhood. You will receive the business training and 
all necessary tools to run your own community based business for a 
few hours a week.

PROPERTY REALTORS, PROFESSIONALS & existing pet sitters with community experience should apply for this add-on business opportunity. NO SELLING INVOLVED.
Within 90 days of your Express Licensee approval*, you will receive your FULL TOOL kit to START immediately. Training and coaching is compulsory for 2-3 months as an intern express sitter*. Thereafter one can become a full business owner. 

Own your own business for only R 400.00* per month. Earn from R 2000.00 - R 10 0000* per month from proven records. There are NO turn-over commissions. Keep your clients. Keep your full earnings. CALLS from new clients requiring ours services have occurred within 1 week of a LICENSEE opening, so be absolutely sure you are 
prepared to start straight away. You can be on your way to joining the only 
national pet & home care network in South Africa. 

We are recognised by (TAH) Tygerberg Animal Hospital Group, SPCA, AACL, 
Fur Kids and many others in Cape Town as official Pet Sitters.

We provide a 100% money back guarantee after* if you do not exceed your invested contribution after 
12 months. Call today, and start your own business in pet sitting. Training starts after you 
attend a FREE workshop in Durbanville Cape Town. The average age of our business 
owners range from 21 - 70 years old. 

Call Leigh on 0832734477 to find our more about this work from home opportunity. 

Earn an additional R 50 000 - R 250 000* per year with as little as 2-14* hours part time per week. "If you increase your prospecting hours, you will increase your turnovers". We will prepare you to work SMART and not HARD. Ideal for retired people, estate agents or as a 2nd income for yourself. Couples and families welcome.

See the 2020 prospectus download below. 

Our recipe works, our experience counts and our referrals and references prove that the services works. Daily assignment hours range from 7-9 am and 5-7 pm. 

  • Each assignment will require +-30 minutes of your time, depending on the nature of the assignment and the type of pets that require care. 
  • We do not care for aggressive pets. 
  • Each assignment is assessed by the sitter for 3 way compatibility and care requirements. Safety and accessibility remain a high priority.
  • The sitter chooses the assignment in which they are most suited and comfortable.

Work part-time or full-time as a professional pet sitter. We empower, equip, educate and motivate you to manage your own profitable business within 3-6 months of starting*. 

We recommend starting part-time. Many of our licensees are full time and manage their areas of influence effectively and efficiently.

All Pet sitters have to comply with an Express (Level 1 ) certificate from Pet Sitters before commencing on any assignments. 

*Your own transport, cell phone, South African resident, and over 23 years will be a minimum requirement.

       Own your own LICENSED business this year.

  • Active within 4 weeks of approval with on the job training and 15 training modules included
  • Areas from 1-3 km's² in radius*
  • Start up kit R 400.00 (includes 1 manual, kit and certification exam, file, tools, area allocation, leads, etc)
  • Low monthly licensee fees from R 400 pm
  • A R 200 membership fee is payable annually after 1st year*
  • No royalties payable - keep what you earn
  • Money back guarantee after 365 days
  • 3 Months of FREE lead and referral tools
  • Join a free monthly workshop as soon as possible. Visitors welcome to attend meetings with no obligations
  • Network with other Pet Sitters in promotions and lead generation
  • Annual National Pet Conference and Training for all members (PSSA)*
  • Internal Pet Sitter courses for members (First Aid, etc)
  • Extended training and learning for pet sitters (Cpd) - Leash training, disaster management, self defence, interview techniques, etc.
  • Common Code Of Conduct for all members. 
  • We promote responsibility, integrity, trust, initiatives, reliability, fun and sustainability.

        Company Values

  • People first
  • Doing things right
  • Being courageous
  • Having fun and laughter   
  • Taking responsibility

        Work 2-14 hours per week - You 


  • All material, training and promotional tools   provided free from the Licensor + National Web sites.
  • Instant start-up kit within 10 days
  • No turn-over clauses - Keep what you earn
  • Work within 1-5 km's² of your home*
  • Work from home only (SOHO)
  • Include your family and friends in you activities
  • Be recognized for your efforts and service levels
  • Be part of a team and family - We have FUN
  • Computer skills not required* but it helps
  • Minimum requirements - a smart cell phone & motor vehicle with valid drivers license
  • Internal certification from Home Sitters and PSI for accreditation available for further learning*
  • Subject to application & acceptance
  • Candidates must be 21 years old and have a drivers licence, cell phone an residential address.
  • Choose your area of preference now*
  • Current pet sitters can apply to be accredited by  PSI.
     Express Pet Sitter positions now available
  •       R 120 per month*
  •       Registration of R 400.00 required*
     Assistant and trainee to area licensees for stay over 
     assignments required.    
  • Stay over and get paid*
  • Training and development provided
  • Level 2 certification and test + CPD points
  • Earn while you learn program
  • Become a business owner after 90 days and start earning from your local services.
  • Apply today - 083 273 4477

Lets hear it from the team:  Business Testimonies 2009-2018

(Please feel free to call any of the business owners from the web-site for a more realistic perspective)

Dear Leigh. 

I so enjoyed that Maine Coon cat of Jenny Howitt in Tokai & stayed & slept over for 10 days in an unbelievably beautiful home with an exquisite garden. Was such a blessing from Father God. I want to show Shayne the 20 mile video training as he helps me a lot. On training Saturday he was sleeping over the weekend in Constantia for an old client while been paid. Amazing concept - Amanda De Wet

Leigh you are my biggest inspiration. You have taught me so much re the business/admin side plus, plus, plus. With the creative way you teach us with videos & creative notes, we can’t get bored & you only give us that extra push we need. I thank God for your gift of teaching & sharing your knowledge with us.THANK YOU for your TIME, PATIENCE and DEDICATION to us to help us succeed with our businesses. At 68 years old, I appreciate all the input I need & get from you. I always come away inspired & more knowledgeable. You get our creative juices flowing again. God bless. Thanking you. 

I earned over R 180 000 in 2015 and won the TOP DOG AWARD in the Gold Category. Faith & Shayne Hultzer. 078 246 5556 - Business owner - Kenilworth

Dear Leigh, Mike and I joined your team in 2012 and have never looked back. You equipped us and launched us. We now live the life we always wanted .... in and out of beautiful homes while caring for the precious animals. We have been all over Cape Town, from St Helena bay to Camps bay and further. Our life style as retired people is FANTASTIC. The best of all is that we are been PAID for what we love doing. We earn an average of R 8000.00 per month doing what we love.Thank-you to you and your team for making this all possible. Eileen and Mike - Senior Roving Team Business Owner

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Turnovers and profits may vary from area to area*

Established in 2010. 

Celebrating 10 years of team building and dedication to clients and pets.

Call Leigh @ 083 273 4477 for more information