Pets that have collars with names and cell numbers usually spend less than 1 day lost, and pets that have chips spend less than 3 days on the road. It is every pet owners duty to give their pets the best chance of been found. It is irresponsible to not tag or chip your pets.

"We recently found two dogs, a female German shepherd and a female Husky, both in good condition, well trained and frightened. The tragedy was in that they were unmarked, and therefore unable to be returned home. Fortunately we found loving homes for both, but failing that, we would have placed them in the SPCA, or AACL system, which if the dogs are not claimed within a reasonable time are terminated".

This sobering fact is the reality of owners who loose pets and do not tag them for identification. The cost of tagging and chipping cannot be measured against the pain and loss endured by pet and owner should they get lost. To register lost or found pets, please contact the SPCA, AACL, Tygerberg Animal Hospital or www.home-sitters.com. Flyers and posters also help. Please act responsibly towards your pets – we know you care.

Micro Chipping.

This can be done by your local vet at an approximate cost of +-R 250.00. This process is safe and painless. All vets have hand scanners, and will scan your pet for FREE if your pet is brought in by a stranger. All the pets information is stored on a central computer for easy access to contact the owner within hours of been found.

We know you care - so now you need to prove it - TAG YOUR PETS TODAY 

How to use City Pet Finder

Using City Pet Finder is easy. If you would like to publish information about your lost pet and search possible matches, you will need to register so that we can link the information you supply to the correct pet. Once you have done so, you can login.

After you have logged in, click on 'Add lost pet' to upload information about your pet and 'My lost pet listings' to review what you've submitted.To browse, click on 'Search lost pet' for possible matches 
 to your listing(s).

If you find your pet, click on the link to find the relevant Registered Animal Organisation's contact details.You will need to contact them directly to confirm ownership - Click the link below for direct access

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