We offer the following daily on-site          services from R 119.00 per day.

      1. Daily visits from     R 119.00 pd 

      2. Sleep-overs from   R 270.00 pd (R 22.50 ph)

      3. Day-overs* from    R 250.00 pd (R 31.25 ph)

      4. Full-overs* from     R 380.00 pd (R 19.00 ph)

      5. Hourly care from    R 119.00 + R 30.00 h/r

      6. Tailored care from  R 119.00 pd

       Consultations are free*, friendly and fast.

       Basic services extend for 20-30 minutes to 20 hours

       All our sitters are (L2 - L6) certified and competent.

        What do the pets receive daily

  • Onsite health check (Snout to tail).
  • Fresh food and water in clean bowls.
  • Walking* or letting out pets as required*.
  • General patting and play as required.
  • Administration of medicines, vitamins, or other special needs* as required - First Aid available
  • Daily cat litter box cleaning and poop pick-up.
  • Rodent and bird cage maintenance.
  • Indoor clean-up of any pet accidents
  • Administer medication and insulin if required.
  • Emergency call outs if required.

       What do the pet owners receive daily? 
  • Post & news-paper retrieval.
  • Auto adjustment of lights, blinds and curtains 
  • Pool watch, monitor & backwash as required.
  • Poop pick-up daily and litter box cleaning.
  • Perimeter checks & alarm arming.   
  • Plant watering indoors as required, outdoor on request only.
  • Putting out and in of trash bins.   
  • Electricity checks (fridge/geyser/alarm/pool). 
  • Daily exit Whats App for client peace of mind
  • General household & pet emergencies calls.
  • Preferential holiday bookings for existing
            registered members.
  • Special club membership with privileges.
  • Lock-smith support ICE.
  • Client reward discounts with each assignment.
  • 100% money back guarantee

Before pet care starts, we will meet you and your pets to ensure 3-1 compatibility success.

Our comprehensive pet care questionnaire and agreement will help us to understand 
as much as possible about your pets routine and habits, in order to relieve anxiety.

To date, all our 38 000 pet care assignments have been successful, with little or no change to your pets stress levels an comfort, with the exception of their excitement when you come home. 


      Payment requirements

  • All payments are strictly payable in advance and are to be settled before service commences.
  • No VAT payable
  • Agreements are to be completed before payment to ensure accuracy of assignment and service guarantee requirements.
  • No cheques, no credit cards accepted.
  • Direct EFT payments, cash, Snap Scan and Zapper accepted on key hand-over.

       Bank Details - Confidential*
  • Bank details will always be provided.
  • Services & price may vary from sitter to sitter  may  vary slightly if the travel distance is more that 10 km's.
  • All services are subject to T's & C's, and the availability and compatibility of the assigned sitter.  
  • Should you pay via our ZAPPER & SNAPSCAN platform, payment will reach the sitter within 72hrs and a fee of 3%+vat is chargeable to the sitter. 
  • * T's and C's apply under certain circumstances
  • All clients are encouraged to complete a registration agreement and discuss the service charges before payment is made. This process will ensure that both parties are clear with regards to the pets needs and requirement and to avoid any ambiguity regarding the safety and health of our clients pets and possessions
  • Some of our sitters may not be compatible with every request we receive, but we will match the sitter to your requirements as best as possible. Partners may decline or refer certain assignments if they feel that the request is not suited to them personally - we will always attempt to find a solution for our partners and clients*.
  • Our fast, friendly and free interviews ensure that the client makes the final decision on who cares for their pets and possessions.
  • To the best of our knowledge, we believe that all our sitters are honest, reliable, competent, caring and responsible. We would value your feedback if this is not the case with your experience.
  • All our partners are required to complete a pet care competency test before they can be assigned any responsibility. Our sitters are vetted and graded from Level 2 to Level 6, indicating their levels of experience and management responsibility. Level 6 indicates a senior pet sitter with more than 4 years field experience. 
  • Our business partners offer up to a 100% money-back guarantee if you rate them poorly (3 stars or less) or if requested due to provable negligence or incompetence by our sitters.  
  • As far as possible, our partners will not deviate from our current service fees and aim to avoid any hidden costs which may disappoint or surprise you.
  • All our business partners must be able to justify any additional costs added to the standard agreement which may deviate from the standard service fee list on the internet. 
  • From time to time, our partners may* charge a small additional once-off travel fee* when accommodating non-local pet care assignments, or where our clients have requested a service outside of our standard service requests. 
  • Our advertised service fees are VAT exempt. 
  • Our business partners (Sitters) are paid directly by our clients.
  • Our business partners are wholly responsible for their conduct and actions once the assignment and payment has been accepted by them.