Tableview Surrounds 

Sunridge, West Riding, Parklands* 

and Sunningdale*

Sitters Name: Rene van Blerk

Certified in 2014

 Licensee since April 2013 (Certified )

  • Married, adult children
  • Resident of the Sunridge community
  • Has pets of her own
  • Available for night overs
  • Available for daily openings
  • Honest and reliable
  • Call Renee for an interview


Renee has proved herself a true caring pet sitter and we are very happy with her services - Mrs Doe - Tableview 2013 

Renee has years of experience in pet care, and we always enjoy her looking after our pets, 

 Certified Pet Sitter (level 5)

Successfully qualified in the following:

  • Pet care for cats & dogs
  • FIRST AID for cats and dogs
  • Animal diseases
  • Contract and negotiations
  • Canine & Feline behaviour
  • Daily pet care
  • Exam level A
  • Extensive field experience
  • Disaster management module