We offer the following daily on-site services from R 119.00 per day

Consultations are FREE, Friendly and Fast

  Basic daily services (20-30 minutes)

For the pets:

  1. Daily pet health check (Head to tail)
  2. Daily entry & exit of property 
  3. Refresh food and water in clean bowls daily
  4. Walking or letting out pets as required*
  5. General petting and play as required
  6. Administration of medicines, vitamins, or other special needs* as required - First Aid available
  7. Cat litter box and rodent cage maintenance
  8. Indoor clean-up of any pet accidents

For the owner:

  1. Post & news-paper retrieval
  2. Auto adjustment of lights, blinds and curtains         
  3. Pool watch, monitor & backwash as required
  4. Poop pick-up daily before owner returns
  5. Perimeter checks & alarm arming   
  6. Plant watering indoors as required, outdoor on request only
  7. Putting out and in of trash bins   
  8. Electricity checks (Fridge / Geyser/Alarm/Pool) 
  9. Daily exit sms for client peace of mind
  10. General household & pet emergencies 
  11. Preferential holiday bookings for existing clients.
  12. Free bi-monthly animal magazine*
  13. Special club membership with special privileges

    Before pet care starts, we will come and meet you and your pets to ensure 3-way compatibility.
  • Our comprehensive questionnaire will help us to understand as much as possible about your pets routine and habits, in order to relieve anxiety for all parties, pet's included.
  • To date, all our 22 000 pet care assignments have been successful, with little or no change to your pet's stress levels or behavior, only an increase in appreciations for each other when you return home.


  • All payments are strictly in advance and are to be settled before commencement of service.
  • No VAT payable
  • Agreement to be completed before payment.
  • No cheques, no credit cards accepted.
  • EFT payments, cash, SnapScan and Zapper accepted on key hand-over.

        Bank Details

  • TBA - Pay Licensees directly
  • Services & price may vary from sitter to sitter and with varying travel distances.